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1:1 Counselling (continued)

What Kind Of Counselling Do I Offer?


My core training was Person Centred Counselling, Psychodynamic Counselling and CBT.  This means that the kind of counselling that I offer integrates this range of theoretical approaches depending on your individual needs during each session.   I work in a person centred way which means that I will offer you empathy, acceptance, valuing and congruence - these core conditions foster a safe environment for you to explore your experiences, your thoughts and your feelings and empower you to make the changes that you want to.  


CBT helps you to undestand how your thoughts, feelings, pysical feelings and behaviours are all interconnected and impact on eachother.  The CBT approach helps to identify your negative automatic thinking patterns which are affecting your emotions, your physical body and your behaviours or your avoidance of doing things. CBT helps to identify, evaluate and change dysfunctional thinking patterns and behaviours so that therapeutic changes in your feelings and physical body can then occur.


Psychodynamic counselling based in psychoanalysis fosters emotional growth.  By looking at your past experiences and significant relationships we can identify your emotional and behavioural patterns and bringing them into your conscious awareness.  This will enable you to become more self aware have more freedom to consciously make the changes that you want to.  


How Does Counselling Help?


The benefits of counselling are:-


> Confidential professional expertise

> A postitive, trusting, safe relationship.

> Feel accepted and understood.

> Enables you to talk about your difficulties.

> Deepens your self understanding.

> Understand and change your faulty thinking and self limiting beliefs.

> Enables you to clairfy what is wrong.

> Releases old traumas, so you can move on.

> Empowers you to make the changes you want to.

> Improves your wellbeing and your life.



Why Would I Come For Counselling?


Whilst people come for counselling for many different reasons they often want to be able to feel better, to cope better and to improve their relationships and their lives.  


Some events such as having a baby, relationships break ups, the loss of a loved one, changes in our health or status  can be life changing and sometimes extra support is needed in order to cope with them.  


As an experienced BACP accrdited counsellor/psycotherapist and life coach I help both individuals and couples at A Time For Reiki & Counselling, Swindon with many different issues and concerns. I can help you with symptoms of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, low mood, low self esteem and lack of confidence or if you are trying to cope with the bereavement of a beloved person or pet, have suffered any other kind of loss such as the breakdown of a relationship, financial loss or you would like some help to cope with whatever is going on in you life.


If you have had difficult or traumatic experiences to cope with during your life, you may feel that with support, you are ready to look at them, lay them to rest and move on.  Equally, you may feel a little lost and just need some help to get yourself back on track or perhaps you don't really know where to start and feel anxious about talking to someone about your problems.



Why I Combine Counselling With Other Therapies


Counselling can be very powerful and an effective way of helping people to feel better but in my experience I have found that it does have its limitations.  Sometimes going over and over old painful memories time and time again can be unhelpful.  New clients will often approach me because although they have tried counselling in the past and may feel "talked out", they still feel as if their issues are affecting them and they are looking for another approach to help them.  


Due to my own interest in the idea that our psychological and emotional difficulties have an impact on our health and cause us dis-ease together with my desire to find additional ways of helping people, I have undertaken a substantial amount of extra training so that I can integrate other skills and techniques into my counselling work.  Reiki healing, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting all work on an energy level to free up the  energetic charge which is produced by negative, thoughts, feelings and experiences.  


Sometimes we can find the prospect of talking about ourselves and our difficulties to a counsellor for an hour too daunting especially if we are already suffering with high levels of anxiety and stress.  Reiki can be very beneficial as once you are having a Reiki treatment, your brainwaves go into the alpha state and you will  feel very calm and relaxed.  This feels like a very safe space from within which I can gently help you to explore difficulties at a pace that feels right for you.  Or sometimes you may spend half of the session talking about what needs to be spoken about and then finish off the session "Zoning out" with a relaxing treatment which will fill you up with positive Reiki energy.


When we are stressed, our body is unable to repair itself and our imune system becomes compromised.  Reiki can give us the space and time to relax and therefore our physical body a chance to repair so that we can leave the session with an improved sense of  overall wellbieng rather than feeling emotionally wrung out.


EFT is a technique which I often combine with counselling and Reiki.  It is very effective at quickly relieving emotional distress and physical pain and can be combined with talking therapy and Reiki all in one session providing there is enough time.


Matrix Reimprinting (with EFT) is great for changing how we feel about a diffiuclt memory.  Sometimes revisiting a painful memory over and over again during tradtional counselling seems to imbed it even further into our neural pathways. When we have traumatic memories that  are still affecting us in the present, Matrix Reimprinting is very effective.  


As Matrix Reimprinting and EFT can remove the energetic charge of negative emotions and thoughts, this can leave a void which if followed with some Reiki, this void is filled with positive energy.




I am also currently training in NLP and Hypnotherapy with NLP to offer even more to my clients to help them to feel better.