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Abuse (continued)

In order for the process of your recovery to begin you need to recognise the effects of the abuse you have suffered on your life and make an active decision to heal your wounds.  


Once you have made this decision and are ready to accept the changes that may accompany it you will probably need some help.



How Can I Help?



At A Time For You, Reiki and Counselling I can offer you a combination of therapies to help and support you during your journey towards healing.  You can benefit from counselling, Reiki energy healing treatments, the Emotional Freedom Technique (known as EFT),  a very effective form of energy psychology and Matrix Reimprinting (with EFT).


When you first begin to deal with your abuse you may feel that your life has been thrown into utter chaos.  You may have intrusive thoughts about your abuse issues and even feel that you are going crazy.  When you come and see me at A Time For You, Reiki and Counselling, you will feel supported through this stage of healing as you feel enabled to talk about your experiences confidentially.  I will explain to you and normalise this extremely distressing stage and the other stages that are also part of the process.


Unlike traditional counselling services which help to process and release difficult emotions by talking about problems, I am also able to offer other ways of releasing difficult emotions and trauma on an energy level by using EFT, Reiki and Matrix Reimprinting.  These therapies and techniques all combine well with my counselling skills and experience to offer you a unique combination therapy.


You may doubt your own memory, feelings and perceptions of your abuse or deny how bad they were.  Coming to believe in the reality of what has happend to you and how much it has wounded you can stir up powerful emotions, memories, and flashbacks which can feel scary.  I can help you to feel supported and safe in order for you to get in touch with your emotional responses, work through what you need to and release your difficult and painful thoughts and feelings as we work through the healing process together.  



How Can Reiki Help?



If you have blocked out or "disassociated" from what happend to you during the abuse that happened to you, you may find yourself talking as if it happend to somebody else and you may not be able to get in touch with your emotions about it.  At other times you can feel that you are all "talked out" yet feel stuck.  


Painful memories, feelings and thoughts that you have not been able to talk about, process emotionally or let go of, for whatever reason, are stored as energetic disruptions to the flow of your vital life force energy which flows through you when you are alive.  Reiki treatments are a very gentle way of helping to release these energetic disruptions and thereby releasing and letting go of the memories and feelings that haunt you.


During Reiki treatments you always remain fully clothed and are covered over with a soft blanket.  Clients working on abuse issues not only report feeling very safe but as soon as the Reiki energy begins to flow from my hands they begin to feel calmer and more relaxed.  It has been scientifically proven that Reiki energy induces the brainwaves into the Alpha state which is characteristic of deep relaxation and meditation.  


Reiki treatments are both enjoyable and non-intrusive, each one providing a safe, healing space where emotions, memories, flashbacks, physical sensations that we have held on to can be released.  Over time you may become tuned in to the Reiki energy as it flows from me to you and around your body helping to increase your self awareness and your ability to re-connect to your own body as you move towards wholeness and an improved sense of wellbeing.    


Reiki works well with counselling, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting during the course of your therapy.  You can have sessions lasting one hour or a one and half hours which are tailored to suit your individual needs and to make the best use of the time available to us in order to help you to feel better.    



How Can EFT Help?



EFT is often called emotional acupuncture because is combines gentle tapping on key acupunture points called meridians.  EFT can often work when nothing else seems to and I use it in combination with Reiki.  The basic premise of EFT is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. When  our energy flows normally we feel good in every way.  When our energy becomes blocked along one or more of the body's energy meridians, negative or damaging emotions can develop along with all types of physical symptoms.   EFT  corrects these imbalances by tapping on certain meridan points whilst  focusing your thoughts on the unhappy memories, pain and uncomfortable emotions.  When EFT is properly done the underlying emotions are typically released along with the energy blocks leading to quick psychological shifts.


EFT can often work when nothing else seems to and I like to follow any EFT work that we do with some Reiki.  When EFT is properly done the underlying difficult emotions are typically released along with the energy blocks from the meridians leading to quick psychological shifts.  By finishing off a session within which EFT has been used to release your energy blocks with some Reiki helps to replace and balance your "Ki" energy and to leave you feeling relaxed, yet energised.   Since our caveman days we have had a survival response called freeze/fight/flight which was designed to protect us from predators and danger.  When we were faced with a threat this response was triggered which released adrenaline and prepared our bodies for the physical exertion of either fighting or running for our lives. In doing so the bodily symptoms are produced.  



How Can Matrix Reimprtining (with EFT) Help?


We all have our own energy fields around us.  Each emotional state has its own vibration and its own field. The "space" between us is called the Matrix.  We are all connected via the Matrix.  We send thoughts out to the Matrix and those thoughts are attracted back to us as our life experiences.  What we focus on sends vibrational  ripples into the matrix that reflect back to us.  For example if we think that we are a victim in life and that we have no control, we will attract situations to us that will reinforce this belief over and over again.  This is referred to as the law of attraction.  We attract experiences of a vibrational frequency similar to our own.  Much of what we attract is related to earlier life and we can change our point of attraction by working with earlier experiences with  Matrix Reimprinting.


All of our life experiences create pictures in the Matrix.  If they are positive and supporting they help us to attract more of what we want.  If they are negative and destructive we can attract more of the same.  We attract people with pictures that are similar to our pictures.  This means that we can end up repeating patterns of being in abusive relationships and situations.  Unless we change our pictures we will often continue to attract more of the same.  With Matrix Reimprinting we can clear energy from the past that holds us in our old pattern.  This technique enables us to create new pictures in our fields by creating a new image of ourselves and to stabilise it with a new supportive field.


During the process of using Matrix Reimprinting we are able to clear the trauma of the original experience, find resolution and create a new picture in our fields.  This helps us to change our point of attraction.  If you create new positive fields the right people will come into your life and it will begin to change.


Unfortunately, traditional counselling can be ineffective with clients who have suffered abuse as talking about a traumatic exprience over and over again can make it feel as if the memory is becoming more and more ingrained and heighten the traumatic feelings rather than release them.  Also if we disassociated when the abuse happened to protect ourselves from the trauma of what was happening to us, we will be disassociated when talk about it and be unable to get in touch with those locked away feelings.  Matrix Reimprinting can be very effective in this case as the trauma we have suffered is a doorway into the Matrix where we can release the feelings without going into detail again.