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Many people have suffered from maltreatment in their lives.  Abuse is a form of maltreatment and is often perpetrated by people that we know and trust.


Abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual or a combination of all three.  When we have suffered from abuse our trust in others can be seriously damaged so that we do not know who we can talk to about our experiences.  We may fear that we will not be believed or that we will be judged or blamed or pitied for what has happened to us.  Alternatively, we may be so accustomed to blocking out and denying our memories and feelings that they become difficult to recall and we have no idea where to start.


People often wonder or ask if it is possible to heal from their abuse.  The answer is "YES" it is possible but healing does not happen overnight.  It is a process which happens in stages and requires courage, support and commitment and will usually involve an aspect of remembering both difficult and painful incidents and feelings.  

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