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Anxiety & Panic (continued)

Since our caveman days we have an inbuilt survival response called freeze/fight/flight which was designed to protect us from predators and danger.  When we were faced with a threat this response was triggered, releasing adrenaline to prepare our bodies for the physical exertion of either fighting the threat or running for our lives.  When this response is triggered, many bodily symptoms are produced as the body is prepared for survival.  


Today, our survival may not be under such threat but our freeze/fight/flight response is still triggered when we "perceive" a threat to either our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing so that we may experience some or all of the bodily symptoms attributed to this response.


Anxiety can make us imagine that things in our lives are worse than they really are and severe anxiety can cause us to experience panicky feelings and panic attacks.  This may result in us feeling unable to confront our fears and us avoiding people, places and situations in order to relieve the discomfort of the anxious feelings.  This can have have a detrimental affect on the way that we live and make our lives feel even more difficult.



How Can Counselling Help?


The way that we perceive others and situations is largely to do with the way that we think about them.  The way that we think is influenced by our life experiences.  When we have suffered difficult or challenging life experiences we can lose our confidence in ourselves and others and we can formulate negative thinking, beliefs and assumptions about ourselves and the world around us.  When we think in this way we can feel un-safe and more and more anxious.


Together we can look at some of your beliefs and values that you hold and the thinking and assumptions that you make which offers you an opportunity to gain a new perspective.  You will feel enabled to understand why you think in the way that you do and how you can change your distorted thinking patterns and negative assumptions and beliefs that are limiting you and exascerbating your anxiety.


I can help you to understand the cycles of anxiety and panic within which you may be trapped and I can teach you some coping strategies.  You wll be offered the opportunity to look at your life style and think about any changes that would be beneficial to you and how you can go about making them.  


I can help you to discover and understand any underlying causes of your anxiety and help you to process and resolve them.



How Can Reiki Help?


A Reiki treatment is a fantastic way to relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety as your brainwaves will go into the alpha state which means that you will naturally go into a state of deep relaxation and calm.


Our bodies have two modes of operation - "protect" and "repair" to keep us safe but we can only be in one mode at a time.  When we feel constantly under threat, stressed and anxious our bodies are in "protect" mode to keep us safe.  Unfortunately, this means that whilst our bodies are protecting us they are unable to be in "repair" mode so we get run down and depleted, our immune systems become compromised and we can start to suffer from physical symptoms or feel unwell.


During a Reiki treatment at A Time For You, as you feel safe and fully relaxed, your body is offered an opportunity to go into its "repair" mode so that you can have an opportunity to replenish and heal.


Our negative thoughts, self limiting beliefs and feelings of anxiety are stored in our mental and emotional energetic bodies clogging up the flow of our life force "Ki" energy, eventually manifesting as pain and dis-ease in our physical bodies.  During a Reiki treatment these are released at an energy level, helping the flow of your life force energy so that your sense of wellbeing on all levels is improved.


Reiki treatments can "remind" us how to relax and many clients report that they leave feeling clamer and refreshed and that their difficulties with sleep can feel improved.  



How Can Hypnotherapy Help?


I usually combine Hypnotherapy with Reiki as provides the perfect vehicle for deep relaxation.  When we are deeply relaxed our subconscious mind becomes more alert and open to guided visualisation deep metaphor to facilitate change.



How Can EFT help?


EFT is often called emotional acupuncture because it combines gentle tapping on key acupuncture points whilst focusing your thoughts on uncomfortable emotions, unhappy memories or any other problem.  Research has shown that pressure on acupoints sends fear dampening signals directly to the limbic system and that acupoint stimulation is an effective treatment for PTSD, depression and anxiety.


In EFT, stress and anxiety have the same cause as all other negative emotions: a disruption in the body's energy system.  Stress and anxiety seem to be ongoing problems because the circumstances that create them are ongoing.  EFT does not do away with the ciumstances but is an importaint aid in reducing your anxious repsonses.  


By using EFT the underlying emotional factors that contribute to the problem are typically released along with the energy blocks.

After a while you should notice that your responses to difficult events are much calmer and that things don't get to you like they used to.



How Can Combining Therapies Help?


By integrating all of the therapies that I am trained in during the course of the work that we do together offers you an effective route to healing.  We can decided together during a session which therapy or combination of therapies would best suit your needs at that time which means that you can  benefit from the unique combination of all of my skills and experience as a Reiki practitioner, an EFT practitioner and counsellor/pyschotherapist/personal coach to help you with your feelings of anxiety and panic and other difficulties we encounter along the way.