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Bereavement & Loss

Throughout our lives we will all experience losses of some kind such as the death of a beloved person or pet, the breakup of a relationship, miscarriage,  termination of a pregnancy, children leaving home, losing a job, financial loss, moving from a familiar living place, loss of our good health or perhaps the loss our hopes and dreams and ideals.


When we do experience a loss of somebody or something that is precious to us, grief is a normal and essential response.  The grieving process is a natural process which enables us to survive the pain of who or what we have lost, to come to terms with our loss and to move on with our lives.  


The pain of grief is every bit as much a part of life as the joy of love and our journey through the grieving process is intensely personal and unique to ourselves.  When we are grieving we can feel overwhelmed by a range of difficult emotions, thoughts, physical feelings and changes in our behaviour.  Feelings such as anger, anxiety, despair and intensely sad are all part of the normal process of mourning.  Grief can be complicated and sometimes extra help is needed to help us through this difficult personal journey.