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Low Confidence And Self Esteem

Although confidence and self esteem go hand in hand we can often get the two of them confused.


Our Self-esteem is how we think, feel, value and believe in ourselves - it is our sense of self worth.   Our confidence on the other hand is the feeling of emotional security and self-assurance that we get from having that trust and faith in ourselves.  


Having low self-esteem can trigger feelings of anxiety, unworthiness, incompetence, guilt, frustration and low energy.  We can find ourselves avoiding new opportunities and challenges and being drawn into destructive relationships.  We may find ourselves being overwhelmed with negative thoughts and feelings and driven to use "people pleasing" behaviours in order to feel valued and accepted.


Although our confidence will vary according to what we are doing, we are much more likely to face crisis in confidence if our self esteem is low.

A lack of confidence can be exceptionally debilitating and leave us feeling unequipped to deal with our problems and believing that being who we are is just not quite good enough.

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