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Couple  Counselling (continued)

How Could Couple Counselling Help?


When each of us enter into any relationship we bring with us our own histories, unresolved issues, emotional and behavioural patterns and our expectations (which we may or may not be aware of).  Our past experiences of previous relationships will have a bearing on how we perceive our present ones, how we react to situations and to each other within the relationship and how we we expect them to evolve.  


I can help you both to begin to understand your own and eachother's emotional and behavioural patterns that you bring into the relationship.  We can work together towards changing patterns that are destructive to eachother and the relationship.


One of the keys to a successful relationship lies in our ability to communicate effectively with each other which can present its own challenges.   We often don’t talk to each other about how we really think and feel about issues in our relationships which lead to misunderstandings and conflict.  We may start to "mind read" our partner's thoughts or make assumptions about situations which are usually negative and often influenced by our own past experiences.


I can offer you both  a safe space from within which you will be enabled to talk about and explore the difficulties you are both experiencing in your relationship.  My role is to facilitate this process so that you will both be enabled to gain more understanding of yourselves and each other, what you both feel is wrong with your relationship and what you would both like to change.  Together we can work our how to go about resolving your difficulties and making the changes needed to improve your relationship.


Sometimes, couples come to see me when one or both parites feel that the relationship is irrevocably damaged and they want to leave the relationship but feel unable to, perhaps due to feelings of fear or guilt of the hurt that will ensue.   Sadly as relationships break up there can be a lot of resentment, contempt, animosity and bitterness which can be very difficult for any children when they are involved.   Unfortunately, children are affected when their parents split up but the damage is minimised if they can maintain healthy and loving relationships with both of their parents after the breakup and it is even better, if their parents can maintain a civil and respectful relationship too.  I can  help you both to communicate effectively during the difficult process or breaking up and help you to understand the grieving process, so that both parties can work towards an amicable split.


If you would like more information about how I can help you repair or to end your relationshp please do not hesitate to contact me at A Time For You, Counselling and Reiki Swindon.