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Emotional Freedom Technique (continued)

EFT has been described as Acupuncture without the needles.  An acupuncurist unblocks trapped energy along a meridian line by inserting a fine needle into the skin whereas an EFT uses gentle tapping on the meridian points.  This gives the entire energy system an overhaul, enabling our energies to flow freely again and improving wellbeing every time it is used.  



What Happens During A Session Of EFT?


During the session we will work together to identify the issue that you wish to work on and I will spend some time helping you to identify the thoughts and feelings that it causes.  


We will establish what needs to be cleared and then create a statement together that encompases these feelings which will  impact and register a disruption within your energy system.  We will then work out an affirmation which promotes acceptance of the problem and of yourself and overrides any part of you that does not want to change or has a hidden agenda to keep you the way that you are.  


Giving your emotion a score relating to its intesnsity will help us to check and record your progress after the first and succeeding rounds of EFT and will determine how effectively the treatment is working.


I will tap gently but firmly with the finger tips on or near the end points of the meridians in a specific sequence.  As we work through the tapping positions you may experience a range of physical indications that there is an energy shift going on such as a need to sigh, yawn, a tummy rumble or a feeling of sleepiness or light headiness.  Alternatively you may experience some emotional indications such as a feeling of relief or calmness.


Depending on the depth of the problem and if new feelings surface about the same issue, we may need to repeat EFT until the feelings resolve.  Time permitting, I like to finish off the session with some Reiki energy healing in order to recharge and balance your energy system.  


If relief doesn't happen immediately after a few rounds of EFT, the changes may still take place over the following few hours or days.  This is because your body may need extra time to incorporate the adjustments that have been made before any benefits become apparent.  


If you would like more information on how EFT could help you please give me a call.


Why I Combine EFT With Other Therapies


I usually combine EFT with Counselling and Reiki.


Before using EFT I will generally use my counselling skill and experience to understand your situation, your emotional and behavioural patterns and the feelings that are troubling you which you are holding on to.  This ensures that EFT is the most effective that it can be in freeing up the negative charge which is produced by negative thoughts, feelings and experiences.


As we release negatve emotions with EFT you often experience releif wich is accompanied with a relaxed feeling which can be experiened as slight tiredness.  If there is time permitting I like to finish the session with a Reiki treament.  This ensures that any void that has been  created in your energy flow, where negatie energy has been released, will be filled up with positive Reiki energy.  This means that you leave the session still feeling relaxed yet energised.