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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique called EFT uses the energetic pathways through the body called the meridians.  Meridians are like a railway system which channel our vital life force energy or "Ki" to the organs and tissues of our physical body and relay information to the entire energy system.  The energy within each meridian also registers emotions and sensations.  


We generate emotional memories from our experiences.  Negative experiences or traumas that we suffer in our lives together with the feelings that they generated can get "stuck" in our energetic sytems.  This causes an energetic disturbance which blocks our energy from flowing freely around our body.  Blockages to our energy system can affect us mentally and emotionally and impact on us physically.


Perhaps one of the most amazing effects of EFT is the speed with which emotional distress can be resolved, sometimes in little more than minutes, creating freedom from emotional problems or issues that might have troubled us for years.  EFT takes away the pain of negative emotions but leaves insights and memories.

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