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Hypnotherapy (continued)

What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy uses Hypnosis which is one of the oldest, natural modes of healing dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks.  For thousands of years philosophers have known that our thoughts can control our body's functions and our behaviour and that within us all we have the potential for us to heal.  Hynotherapy can be helpful in accessing and factilitaing this inate potentional and gives us the asssurance that there is no such thing as a totally helpless situation or an insurmountable problem.


There are many fears and fallacys about hypnosis.  Many of these can be traced back to the use of comedy hynosis enternainment on stage and TV as a form of "mind control" and from the sterotypical image in films and cartoons of a robe and turban-clad man swinging a pocket watch in front of a helpless individual saying "You are in my power!"  These misconceptions of hypnosis is that when we are "under" we are no longer in control of our own mind and our actions are.  These, of course are NOT TRUE.  


Our brain's job is to look after us.  Consciously (around 5%-7%) and subconscioulsy (93%-95%) It automatically processes all the information from the environment, responding only to information that may be of importance to us.   Our subconscious processes are operating all the time that we are alive  - so if we were asleep and we heard a loud noise - we would wake up.


Our subconscious mind is like a computer - it is a problem solver and its job is to seach out solutions to improve our lives, whilst accepting all suggestions and ideas given to it by the conscious mind and responding from the information that it has stored within its memory.  It cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined. This is why when we imagine a catastrophic event, we will feel the feelings associated with it - making it feel like it is already happening.  Alternatively, imagine a positive outcome and our brain believes this is happening and will trigger positive feelings.


Hypnotherapy is a state of deep relaxation. When we are relaxed our brain naturally hones in on the sounds and smells around us which means that during hypnotherapy we actually have greater awareness than when we are fully awake.  Not only do we hear what is being said to us our but attention is much more focused and we are always in control.  



How Does Hypnotherapy Work?


Once you close your eyes at the beginning of the hyposis process the brain wave activity changes.  They move from Beta brainwave activity (associated with being alert) to Alpha brainwaves.  This opens up communication between areas of the brain and allows you to become relaxed in both body and mind.  Alpha brainwaves are associated with clear thinking, problem sloving, posiitive thinking and increased creativity.  When the brain is creating Alpha brainwaves the production of seratonin is increased.  


As you are guided into the hypnois the brainwave activity slows further into Theta brainwaves.  These induce a state of deep relaxation where you can connect fully with your subconscious, allowing heightened intuition and peak levels of creativity.  This deeply relaxed state allows you to "hyper focus" remain intensely focused and motivated and is also associated with boosted learning abilities.


In this Theta brainwave state you are able to begin to pricture more positive actions.  They also engage the anterior cingulate of the brain whose job it is to come up with solutions based on the request made in the form of the pictures created.  Interference from the Conscious Critical Factor is also reduced.  This area of the brain is the gateway between the conscious and the subcouscous and decides whether something fits in with current beliefs or behaviours.  Its usual function when active, is to reject suggestions that do not fit in with your current beliefs and ways of thinking.  With interference from the Conscious Critical Factor reduced, you are then more able to come up with new and creative solutions to old problems.  By being able to anticipate a positive status update you are adding positive emotion to positive thought and this increases motivation.  


In short, this means that the relaxed state of Hypnotherapy provides easier acces to our subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind can be programmed or reprogrammed to change habits and attitudes by accepting suggestions that will succeed our conscious mind and by using the power of our own imagination.



How Does Hypnotherapy Combine With The Other Therapies That I Offer?


My core training is as a counsellor and psychotherapist and this underpins all of the work that I do no matter which other therapies, tools and techniques I integrate during your treatment with me. .  


Hypnotherapy is not a magic cure.  We are complex human beings and I beleive that there is no one therapy that is a "cure all" therapy which is why I have undertaken extensive further training and offer the therapeutic approach that I do .


I like to combine Hypnotherapy with Reiki.  This is because Reiki feels calming and safe and when you have a Reiki treatment you will naturally go into a deeply relaxed state.  Once you are deeply relaxed, I can then work on the issues that you have using Hypnotherapy.  This many involve me helping you to visualise a situation or an experience or me telling you a story.  Whilst you will hear what I am saying to your throughout the therapy, you may forget it afterwards - a bit like when we remember a dream at the time of waking but then forget it.  This doesn't matter because you subconsicous mind will remember what it experienced and will continue to act on it.


You will also leave feeling rested and refreshed with an improved sense of well being as you will have had an energy balance at the same time through the Reiki.


During our sessions together you can benefit from any of the therapies and that I offer where applicable and time permitting.



How Does Hypnotherapy Help?


Hypnotherapy like any other therapy is dependent on your interest in your own well being and your participation and cooperation.  It can help with stress, anxiety, fears and phobias and once we have determined your goals, it can help you to achieve them.



If you would like more information about Hypnotherapy, please don't hesitate to contact me.