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Hypnotherapy is a therapy that is deeply relaxing and enjoyable.  During Hypnotherapy, I will talk to you to enable you to achieve a state of mind which is enhanced by both mental and physical relaxation.  


During this relaxed hypnotic state, your subconscious mind is able to communicate with your conscious mind.  The subconscious part of your mind is able to respond creatively to my suggestions and guided visualisations.   It can focus on the things that you wish to change and on the best ways you can do so, free from critical and/or anxious thoughts.  


When you have Hypnotherapy you are neither asleep, nor unconsious and you are in full control at all times.  You can "let things happen" through your subconscious mind rather than trying to make them happen with your conscious mind.  Being relaxed enables your subconscious to act upon the suggestions given to you  more easily without your conscious mind "getting in the way".


Hypnotherapy can be used to access your inner resources, your potential  and to stimulate the innante healing capacity of your own body in order to effect beneficial change.

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