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Matrix Reimprinting with EFT (continued)



Matrix Reimprinting could help if you have already had talking therpay in the past to help you to resolve past events but you find that they still hold emotiional intensity and that they are still affecting you.


Matrix Reimprinting is really effective if you have self-depreciating, undermining or self-critical thoughts and beliefs which are having a negative impact on your life or if you have experienced an event or series of events that felt highly stressful or traumatic at the time.  Perhaps you have suffered from an event where you felt powerless or helpless or under physcial, emotional or pschological threat which has resulted in you feeling that no matter how much you consciously try you, still find yourself in similar situations.






Our more challenging life experiences are held as pictures in the Matrix in the form of Energetic Consciousness Holograms, or ECHOs.

We gain beliefs or decisions about ourselves or the world based on these life experiences.  Day to day only 5% of us is conscious and 95% of us is sub-conscious.  Our sub-sconscious mind cannot tell the difference between whether a traumatic event is happening now or in the past and whilst our sub-conscious mind is wired to protect us from hurt it can undermine our conscious goals in the present.


Our trauma is a doorway into the Matrix and it is our ECHO's that hold the energy of the trauma as a strategy to protect us.  


With Matrix Reimprinting we can work with the ECHO's to release the energy of these traumatic events.  With Matrix Reimprinting we can interact with these ECHOs to transform these past pictures and replace them with supportive ones.  Matrix Reimprinting resolves our negative beliefs which changes our relationship with the event and improves our health, happiness and wellbeing in the present as well as changing the direction of our lives by attracting different experiences.






1.    The quantum physics theory that we are all connected by a unified energy field, known as the Matrix.  This understanding was first

      bought to light in the 1940's by Max Planck. Before the emergence of quantum physics all matter was beleived to be solid.

      However what quantum physics has taught us is that the world is actually composed of electromagnetic energy which in turn is

      composed of various atomic and subatomic particls which vibrate so fast that makes us appear solid.


2.    The 90% of our cosmos that was once beleived to be empty space actually contains the great net that connects everything in our

      universe which is called the Matrix.


3.    That what we focus on sends ripples into the Matrix that reflect back to us our experiences.  Many of us have now learned that the

      universe responds to consciousness and our thoughts become our reality.  Our beleifs, fears, hope and dreams are all reflected

      back to us by the Matrix in the world that surrounds us.  The Law of Attraction is vibrational and we attract experiences of a

      vibrational frequency that is similar to our own.  Whatever we are putting out comes back to us in a life experience that matches our

      own signal.


4.    That all of our life experiences that we have had create pictures in our Matrix.  If they are positive and supportive, they help us to

      attract more of the situation.  If they are negative and destructive, we attract more of the same.  Simply wishing for different

      experiences when we have these destructive pictures in our field will not change our point of attraction.  






During the session we will work together to identify the issue that you wish to work on.  


Before starting we can relieve any anxieties or worries by using conventional EFT.  This is done by rating the intensity of the feelings from 1-10 and then tapping gently but firmly with the finger tips on or near the end points of the meridians in a specific sequence until the feeling is released, moves to a lower score, and you freel relaxed and calm and ready to start the Matrix Reimprinting process.


During the Matrix Reimprining session, I will be tapping on you the whole time whilst I direct you through the process of communicating with your ECHO in your energy field, gaining a resolution and reimprinting your image.  This ensures that you feel safe and calm during the whole process.


If there is enough time left at the end of the session it is lovely to finish with some Reiki.







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