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Pet Bereavement (continued)

The pain of grief is every bit as much a part of life as the joy of love and our journey through the grieving process is intensely personal and unique to ourselves.  When we are grieving we can feel overwhelmed by a range of difficult emotions, thoughts, physical feelings and changes in our behaviour.  Feelings such as anger, anxiety, despair, feeling depressed are all part of the normal process of mourning.  


Sometimes we can find it difficult to grieve.  As human beings we do not like to feel emotional pain and we may try to ignore painful feelings to  will try to protect ourselves.  Beliefs that we need to be strong, that grieving is merely self pity or that we should be "over" it by now and that we should not have such feelings actually interfere with the grieving process leaving us with undresolved loss.  


Sometimes the loss of a pet can bring up unresolved grief from other past or recent losses.  This can leave us feeling anxious, panicky and overwhelmed.


Whilst it is always encouraged to get support from family and friends, extra help may be needed from a professional to help us through this difficult personal journey.  



How Can Combining Therapies Help?


Whether you come to see me at A Time For You Counselling & Reiki, Swindon for Counselling, Reiki, EFT or a combination of all three therapies, you will feel safe and supported so that you can explore the loss of your beloved pet..  


Grieving is painful but it is also a healing process and once it has been worked through, you will be able to find joy in your life once again.  Together we can decide how best to use the time available to us and which therapy or combination of therapies will help you the most


By releasing and letting go, our energy begins to flow and shift and then we begin to shift and and move forward in our lives.



How Can Counselling Help?


When you come to see me you will feel encouraged and enabled to talk about your loss(es) and get in touch with the whole range of your feelings, without worrying about being judged in any way.  Gaining an understanding of the different stages of grief will reassure you and normalise your feelings and your own process.


As an experienced counsellor I can help you to acknowledge and accept your feelings and to feel supported enough to express them so that you can process them and then let them go.


I will be able to offer you insight into how our past unresolved losses can affect the way that you feel in the present and I can help you with any anxious and panicky thoughts and feelings, negative ways of thinking and difficulties in close relationships.



How Can Reiki Help?


As human beings we do not want to feel emotional pain because it hurts us.  Perhaps you have tried to be "strong" after losing your pet.  By trying not to think about it and not getting upset we are actually surpressing the normal human response to loss and these denied thoughts and feelings that you are unable to process and express, are held onto and stored as energy in your energetic bodies which can cause blockages in our life force energy flow.  


There are seven main energy centres called "chakras" in your energtic body. These vortexes of energy should be constantly spinning in order to distribute your life force "KI" energy to all of the major organs in your physical body so that your wellbeing is maintained.  


Any stored emotions and thoughts act as blockages to your energy flow.  Blockages cause the energy in your chakras to become depleted, over charged, unbalanced and sluggish and affects their ability to spin and regulate your Ki life force energy.  When this happens you may feel a diminised sense of wellbeing and experience physical symptoms and illness.


By coming and having a Reiki treatment, Reiki energy will gently release emotions and thoughts that you are holding on to in your energy fields and are blocking your energy.  Reiki energy also re-balances your chakras and leaves you feeling calmer, more grounded, less anxious and less panicky.



How Can EFT Help?


EFT is often called emotional acupuncture because it combines gentle tapping on key acupuncture points while focusing your thoughts on uncomfortable emotions, unhappy memories or any other problem.  Research has shown that pressure on acupoints sends fear dampening signals directly to the limbic system and that acupoint stimulation is an effective treatment for feelings of anxiety that often accompany loss..


EFT won't magically take away the pain of loss but it can help when or grief is more complicated.  For example if we are holding on to gult or anger around our loss, EFT can quickly help us to free these emotions from in our energy system,


By using EFT the underlying emotional factors that contribute to the problem are typically released along with the energy blocks.