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Relationship Problems

The definition of a relationship is "a connectedness between two people".


Some of us can find it more difficult to form and maintain successful relationships.  Once we are in a relationship many outside influences from our lives such as having children, step children, money, work, families and  health problems only add to the challenge of sustaining happy and fulfilling long term partnerships.


The added impact of stressfull life events that happen such as bereavements and losses put even more strain upon us, our partners and our relationship.  The key to getting through such turbulant times whilst keeping our relationships intact is to be able to communicate effectively with eachother.  If we are unable to talk about, understand and respect eachothers' feelings, emotional, mental and physical needs, we will feel unhappy and lose our sense of connectedness that we need.  Sadly, this can cause our relationship to breakdown and eventually even come to an end.  

Suggested Treatments


Couple Counselling

1:1 Counselling