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Stress  (continued)

Signs that we are under the effects of stress can include excessive worrying, intrusive thinking, forgetfulness, moodiness, irritability, agitation, the inability to relax, feeling lonely, isolated or depressed.  Stress can cause physical problems such skin problems, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, dizziness, chest pains.  Our behaviours can also be affected so that we may eat to much or not enough, sleep too much or suffer from insomnia, increase our alcohol, nicotine or drug consumption and develop nervous habits such as nail biting.


Stress itself is not an illness but if we feel under stress long term it can start to impact on our physical wellbeing and we may suffer from raised  blood pressure, irritable bowel, panic attacks, illness and dis-ease.  Poor diet and environemental toxins can affect our health and viruses or bacteria can lead to symptoms but it this is only when the body is already weakened by emotional stress.


Molecular biologist Burce Lipton points out that 95 per cent of illness comes from stress and 100 per cent of stress comes from our faulty beliefs and thinking.



How Can Combining Therapies Help?


Whilst preventing stress in your life is often not possible, recognizing that you are suffering from early symptoms of stress and then seeking help will help you to minimise the effects of continual stress.  


In 1970’s and 1980s there was a surge in the understanding that the mind affects the body and how positive affirmations, thoughts and visualisations have a positve effect on our health and wellbeing.


Working as a therpaist at  A Time For You, Reiki & Counselling, Swindon, I recognise the mind/body as being one.  I am able to integrate my experience and skill as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Personal Coach together with the energy work that I can also offer.  EFTor Emotional Freedom Technique is a meridian energy technique that uses the body's natural stress-reduction points to produce rapid change and reduce anxiety and stress.  Reiki energy healing also helps release emotional, mental and physical symptoms of stress whilst deeply relaxing so that your body has a chance to "repair" so that you can leave feelng calmer and refreshed and Reiki used in conjuction with hypnotherapy works at an unconscious level helping to facilitate positive change and release.



How Can Counselling/Psychotherapy/CBT Help?


By coming to see me at A Time For You Reiki & Counselling, Swindon and feeling enabled to talk about your stress and worries whilst feeling understood, will offer you some immediate relief.  I can help you to understand some of the negative thoughts and beliefs that you may hold which usually accompany stress and will be contributing to you feelng low or unable to cope.  With my help you will be able to identify any distorted thinking patterns and faulty beliefs that you may hold and gain some insight into where they may have come from.  I am able to use techniques such as CBT which can be used to help you to challenge automatic negative thinking patterns so that you can gain a new perspective of your situation.


I can teach you some coping strategies such as relaxation and breathing techniques and I can help you to work out the lifestyle changes that you may need to make in order to reduce your stress levels and improve your mood.  By understanding your needs, learning to value yourself and to take care of your needs and achieving a healthy work/life balance can help you to feel less stressed.



How Can Reiki Help?


Relaxation and mindfulness techniques are now used in the health service today to help with common mental health problems and physical pain.  Hypnosis uses relaxation and visualisation techniques.  The by product of Reiki is a feeling of being deeply relaxed.  When our bodies are deeply relaxed they go into "repair" mode rather than "protect" mode when we are under stress.


During your Reiki treatment at A Time For You, Reiki & Counselling, both of our brainwaves will synchronise into the alpha state which is characteristic of deep relaxation and meditation.  This means that you will naturally become deeply relaxed and feel calmer and de-stressed.


From a Reiki and energy point of view, the vast majority of dis-ease comes from incoherent energy that is holding thoughts and beliefs which are not aligned with your higher self and are blocking your flow of life force 'Ki' energy.  


During your Reiki treatment, Reiki energy gently releases your resistant or incoherent energy caused by rigid and negative thinking and self doubt. As your energy is released and begins to flow, held on to thoughts and beleifs are also released making way for new positive thinking.  



How Can Hypntherapy Help?


I combine Hypnotherapy with Reiki as Reiki provides the perfect vehicle for deep relaxation.  When we are deeply relaxed our subconscious mind becomes more alert and open to my guided visualisation or deep metaphor to facilitate positive changes.  It can help with changing our normal unhelpful responses to stressful situations.



How Can EFT Help?


EFT studies performed over the last decade have shown that EFT releives stress in its many manifestations, psychological and physical.  EFT is based on the discovery that imbalances in the body's energy system have profound effects on our personal psychology.  When we can correct these imbalances using EFT, which is done by tappig on ertain body locations, quick relief and freedom from negative emotions is achieved