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What Have You Said About Me?

"I came to see Tina at a time in my life when I was feeling so dogged by past experiences, so anxious and confused about how I felt and thought about everything that had happened and what was happening in my life.  I had no experience of Counselling or Reiki and little knowledge but no experience of Emotional Freedom Technique.  I was completely blown away by how amazing my experience of receiving Reiki was over the following months.  Tina gave me a completely personal programme of healing combining Counselling, Reiki, Life Coaching and EFT.  We tackled my low self esteem, my issues in relationships, my issues with food; anything and everything about me was completely reset so I came out of it the same person, feeling so much better about myself, stronger in every way, more clear thinking, more grounded and happier in my skin after what, to be honest, was years of torment.  We dealt with the very sensitive issue of sexual abuse in childhood which I had never spoken about and with Matrix Reimprinting Tina was able to free me from these experiences and now, even months on, I feel the benefits of having spent time with Tina.  I cannot recommend her more highly.  She saved my sanity!  She is an angel and truly gifted".  


"I have attended therapy sessions with Tina for over a year now and she has had such a positive impact on my life.  Her support and expertise have enabled me to become more confident in the way I deal with different life experiences.  Tina's professionalism, combined with her warmth and caring approach make you feel relaxed and safe when sharing your thoughts and feelings at the most difficult times.  I have especially benefited from the relaxing Reiki treatments which have helped to support me emotionally and spiritually.  Thank you!"


"Visiting Tina has given me the time and space to explore my feelings about both past and current events in my life.  With her expert support and kindness, I now know myself better and with this knowledge I can face the world with increased confidence.  I would highly recommend Tina as a Counsellor, an EFT Practitioner and for her Reiki treatments".  


"Tina has helped so much during my illness of severe anxiety.  I asked for her help with some CBT sessions.  When I first met with Tina I was anxious, suffering from both physical and mental symptoms which I just didn't understand ..... all of which was fuelling the illness.  I was in a viscious cycle of anxiety feeding the anxiety.


I was unsure of what to expect in our first session but Tina made me feel at ease instantly and I felt completely comfortable opening up to her.  Throughout our sessions Tina was always welcoming, sensitive, caring, supportive and simply "there for me".  I was provided with really useful information which helped me to understand the problems I was experiencing and an added bonus was that TIna also offers complimentary techniques such as Reiki.  I combined this with the CBT and found it to be really beneficial.  Tina has also given me some tips for relaxation which I continue to use.


I am so thankful to Tina for everything, her overwhelming kindness and support.  Someone I could trust completely.  Highly recommended)  (C.C)

"I have truly benefited from Tina's kind expertise.  She helps clarify the issues that overloading my emotional system, distort.  Her vision acts as a guide allowing me to see through my fears to the solutions that can be found.  I have definitely benefited from my sessions. Thanks Tina!" (Christine)

“I have been having regular Reiki treatments for over 8 years now.  Initially I went to Reiki because of severe shoulder pain and I was in an extremely stressful situation with my wife being very ill. I have found the Reiki quite amazing, unbelievable at first about how the energy is generated in heat from the practitioner. I find the Reiki very relaxing and I definitely continue to have a feeling of well being after my treatment.”


"Initially I received Reiki sessions from Tina which helped to calm and initiate the healing process.  Inspired by the results I went on to train for my Reiki 1 with her which was an uplifting and enlightening experience."


“Are you feeling down and depressed? Try “Reiki”. It moves energy and you feel better. I had a broken bone in my foot and after 8 weeks with no mending whatsoever having taken place according to the x-ray - I turned to Tina for help. After 4 treatments the x-ray showed that healing has now started and I feel so much better in my self.”

(Henri Locke-Wheaton)


“Reiki is like a massage for the soul”

(Goska Ratajczak)

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"I had been struggling with my life on a daily basis before I met Tina.  I felt stressed, frustrated, angry, unhappy, insecure, I had been sexually abused, emotionally abused, I had family issues and low self esteem.  But after I had 3-4 sessions with Tina I felt much better about life and I continued having sessions with her until most of my stuff was sorted.  I talked about absolutely everything with her.  She was very hehlpful.  She helped me by taking me back to my childhood and helped me to realise that everything affecting my life today has come from my childhood and my core beliefs which I made when I was very young.  Tina has bought me out from the darkness which I was in for nearly 30 years.  I highly recommend Tina to whoever wants to get out from the darkness and you will view the world from a different perspective"


"Dear Tina, just a quick text to let you know that I am doing really well,.  I haven't had any moments at all.  I'm living on my own, I start my new job at the end of next month, bought a new car and have a boyfriend!  We've been together 5 months and going well.  Thank you for everything you were really amazing!: Take care" (Jess)


"Thank you for listening Tina, you are an amazing counsellor"

(Claudia - student therapist)

"I have been attending reiki sessions with Tina for over a many years now and can categorically say I have become a different person in that time.  Initially I went for a physical ailment yet talking to Tina sorted out my mind as well as my body.  The positive effect of the combination of physical and mental healing can’t be underestimated and I would recommend it to anyone.  I continue to really look forward to every session.  Cheers, Tina!"


"I can highly recommend Tina's multi-faceted approach to natural healing therapy.  Tina offers a combination of natural treatments which include Hypnotherapy, NLP, Counselling and Reiki.  These skills applied with Tina's calm and understanding approach have helped me greatly in my own personal development.  Thank you Tina."

(D Sherman)

Before I started seeing Tina nearly 1 year ago, I was in a very dark place with consistent suicidal thoughts.


I had been diagnosed with a so called 'treatment resistant depression' by doctors who couldn't understand why all the different medication they had me on was not working.


Well, I can honestly say that Tina Deas helped me come back from the brink.  By counselling me and also performing regular reiki, she helped me see that I was stuck in a whirl of negative thought patterns.


I couldn't get any lower and Tina helped lift me up.


Since I have been seeing Tina I have come off a lot of medication, have resumed relationships with people that I haven't seen in years, changed careers into one that is better for me and also changed my mindset into a much more positive one.


My relationship with my wonderful husband is now in a much better place and all of my friends and family have commented on how much better I truly am.


I still have a bit of a journey to go but I know that Tina will be there by my side throughout my road to recovery.


She is the best talking therapist I have ever worked with and I would urge anyone who is struggling with their mental health to see this wonderful practitioner.  (KS)

"Four years ago my life was very differnet to how it is today.  I was in a state of depression and anxiety.  I had lost my confidence to such an extent that I was unable to work.  Many factors had lead me to the situation I found myself in but Tina workded wonders in helping me unpick it all and put me on the road to recovery.  Using her combination approach of Counselling, Reiki, Hypnotherapy and EFT, Tina not only helped me work through the problems facing me but has given me the tools to continue to look after myself and put myself back on the right track when things sometimes slip.  She fixed me at a time when I felt well and truy broken and I am eternally grateful for all that she has given me.  I cannot recommend Tina highly enough.  With her caring and supportive nature she is very easy to talk to and completely trustworthy and is by far the best counsellor I have ever been to." (Hannah)  

"My Counselling sessions with Tina proved to facilitate a great turn around for me after many months of trying different counsellors.  Tina has a kind and patient approach and extensive knowledge of the therapies she offers.  I would not hesitate in recommending Tina to anyone seeking support"  (Simon)

"I attended frequent one to one sessions with Tina for a period of 14 months, following a recommendation from a friend. For several years, I have suffered with anxiety and been upset, hurt and confused as a result of a breakdown in the relationship with my father. Tina applied a range of techniques, including counselling, EFT and reiki in order to assist me and I can honestly say, it has changed my life!

Tina is an amazing listener, who took the time to explore how I was feeling and explain why I was feeling this way, something I had never really understood. She allowed me to show my emotions in a very comfortable environment and put me at ease, when I was finding it difficult to talk about certain matters.

As a result of my sessions with Tina, I have been able to understand and accept things that never made sense before. I have been able to move on from the past and look forward to the future. I have learnt to challenge the way that I think and also the importance of taking a little bit of time out for me, to relax, when life gets a bit hectic.

I have told many of my friends and family about the amazing support I have received from Tina and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs professional yet personal support". (Anonymous, Swindon)

"Thank you Tina  for guiding me through a difficult period of my life.; I am very grateful for your input and pragmatic approach!  You're the best!  (Terry)

"Before I sought Tina's help I had been struggling for a long time; stuck.  With Tina's help I saw clearly the rocks in my path and removed them seemingly effortlessly. What previously had seemed a vicious circle of turmoil unravelled before my eyes and the decisions that I needed to make became clear.  With the benefit of Reiki as well, I felt I was getting the benefit of two treatments, not one.  The cost seemed huge on the out-set, but paled into insignificance as the fog lifted and I saw the way forward.  What a Lady;  Huge thanks Tina,

I shall be forever grateful". (G.H.)

Tina was recommended to me when I was going through a difficult stage in my life. She helped me to understand my actions and feelings; and realise that my past had a bigger impact on my life than I could have ever imagined. After seeing Tina for just over a year I can honestly say she has changed me and my life for the better. I am now much more confident and realise that I am a more capable and better person than I thought. I have now changed my career with a new job in my fifties. I wasn't originally looking for this, but Tina has shown me who I really am and given me the confidence to make changes. Yes, the sessions cost money, but I can't put a price on how I now feel about myself and my future. Thank you Tina. Linda.