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Pet Bereavement

Our pets, are to many of us, much loved and close companions who offer us unconditional love, support and comfort.  When a beloved pet dies we can experience a huge sense of loss and the same range and intensity of emotions as if we had lost a beloved person.  Pets can be like a surrogate child, sibling, partner or best friend to us and so we may feel that other people do not understand how difficult it is for us when our pets are no longer in our lives.  


Because it is "only an animal" that we have lost we may think that we should be over the death of our pet before very long and ought to hide the true extent of our feelings of grief and mourning for them from others.  


When we lose a beloved pet we go through the same grieving process, in exactly the same way, as if we had lost a beloved person.  This process can feel very painful at times and it can take some time before we can adjust to not having them in our lives anymore.