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Bereavement & Loss 

During our lives we will all experience the death or loss of somebody or something that is precious to us. Grief is a normal, natural and essential response to loss. 


The grieving process enables us to come to terms with our losses so that we can move on with our lives. If the range of painful feelings during this process are too frightening and overwhelming for us we will try to find strategies to protect ourselves from them.  This means that we can suffer from unresolved grief from our recent and our past losses. 

Even though it takes a lot of our energy to defend ourselves from feeling many of the difficult emotions associated with the grieving process, we may still feel angry, anxious, panicky, low and physically drained.  We can also become more snappy and withdrawn which can impact on our close relationships.   

It's okay to grieve...


In order to grieve properly we need to acknowledge our feelings. Often the pressure to carry on, get back to work, and be there for our families means we seldom give ourselves the time and space we need to do it.

Beliefs that we need to be "strong", that grieving is merely self pity and we that we do not have a right to our feelings actually interfere with the grieving process.  Just as relationships are often complicated, grief can be too, and sometimes extra help is needed to help us through this difficult personal journey.  

Here are some of the losses that we may experience and need to process.

  • Separation, Divorce

  • The breakdown of a relationship / friendship

  • Miscarriage

  • Termination of a pregnancy

  • Loss of a pet

  • Children leaving home / moving away

  • Job loss

  • Financial loss

  • Moving from a familiar living place

  • Loss of our good health

  • Loss of opportunity

  • Loss of our hopes and dreams / ideals

How can I help?

I know the grieving process in painful, but it is an essential healing process that each and everyone of us needs to follow in response to our losses.  After I have helped you to understand and work through the process, you will be able to move on and find some joy in your life once again.


Please be assured that when you come to see me at  A Time For You, Counselling and Reiki, you will begin to feel more at ease as you feel safe and supported.  You will feel reassured once I have explained the process to you and you understand the wide range of emotions that are a normal part of it.

As an experienced counsellor I can offer you insight into how any past unresolved losses can affect the way that you feel in the present and I can help you with any anxious and panicky thoughts and feelings, negative ways of thinking and difficulties in close relationships.

Healing with a holistic approach

Whether you sit and talk to me or choose to lie down and talk whilst having some Reiki, I will gently help you to get in touch with your feelings. Reiki is always helpful when clients are anxious about their feelings. It will relax you and naturally help you let go of painful feelings, leaving you calmer and more grounded.  As your energy begins to release and flow, you will begin to shift and and move forward in your life.


EFT and Hypnotherapy won't magically take away the pain of loss but they can help at certain times, perhaps when grief is more complicated or you haven't had closure or a chance to say goodbye to loved one who has passed away.  I will also be able to help you with the process of "letting go" of who or what was lost and together we can look at how you can take the necessary steps to move forward in your life and continue to grow.


Together we can decide how best to use the time together and the best therapy for you and your situation. 

I am an accredited and registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist with the BACP with over 14 years experience of working with individuals, couples and therapeutic groups in a variety of settings. 

Counselling is always at the heart of what I do, but by incorporating other treatments and techniques I can offer my own unique combination of therapies to effectively help clients to feel better on all levels.


Tina Deas

A Time For You, Counselling & Reiki Swindon

Therapies that help with Loss and Bereavement





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