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We live in a 24 hour society where we can find it hard to fit everything in that we feel we have to do. It can feel increasingly difficult to cope with all the different demands made on us from our  jobs, our families, juggling child care, relationships and managing day to day living - let alone finding time for ourselves to exercise, eat healthily  and chill out.


The result of all this pressure is that we feel stressed.  When we have additional challenges to cope with such as problems at work, at home, a relationship breakdown, a bereavement, moving house, getting married, having a baby etc, we can feel totally overwhelmed and stressed out.

When we feel stressed it affects the way that we feel, how we think, how we behave and how our bodies work. In fact, stress can affect just about everything that we do and impact on the people around us. 

Stress comes in many different forms

Signs that we are under the effects of stress can include excessive worrying, intrusive thinking, forgetfulness, moodiness, irritability, feeling on edge and unable to relax, feeling isolated and low.  Stress can cause physical problems such skin problems, upset tummy, nausea, dizziness and chest pains.  Our behaviours can also be affected so that we crave sugary foods and over-eat, lose our appetite, have trouble switching off and sleeping and depend more on nicotine, alcohol and drugs. 

Stress itself is not an illness but if we feel under stress long term it can start to impact on our physical wellbeing and we may suffer from raised  blood pressure, irritable bowel, increased anxiety and panic and a weakened immune system so we are less resistant to getting sick.  

I am an accredited and registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist with the BACP with over 14 years experience of working with individuals, couples and therapeutic groups in a variety of settings. 

Counselling is always at the heart of what I do, but by incorporating other treatments and techniques I can offer my own unique combination of therapies to effectively help clients to feel better on all levels.


Tina Deas

A Time For You, Counselling & Reiki Swindon

How I can help you

Working holistically as a therapist at  A Time For You, I am able to integrate my experience and skill as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki and EFT Practitioner to help you with stress. 


Whilst preventing stress in your life is often not possible, recognising that you are suffering from symptoms of stress and then seeking help will minimise the effects that continual stress will have on you. Molecular biologist Bruce Lipton points out that 95% of illness comes from stress and 100% of stress comes from our faulty beliefs and thinking.

During our sessions together, I can help you to understand some of the negative thoughts and beliefs that you may hold which usually accompany stress and will be contributing to you feeling low or unable to cope.  I can help you to identify and challenge any distorted thinking patterns and faulty beliefs so that you can gain a new perspective of your situation. 

Reiki is a powerful healing tool for Stress

When we meet we can decide how to spend our sessions together.  Some people prefer to sit and talk about their difficulties and worries whilst others choose to lie down and talk to me whilst they have some Reiki.  This is often a good place to start as Reiki energy is naturally calming and you will feel enabled to talk about your concerns as you feel less stressed and more relaxed. 

In this deeply relaxed state your body also has a chance to begin to repair whilst you feel listened to and understood and you should start to feel some relief. Reiki energy is helpful as it gently releases your resistant or incoherent energy caused by rigid and negative thinking and self doubt. As your energy is unblocked and  begins to flow, the unhelpful thoughts and negative beliefs that you have been holding on to are released, making way for new positive thinking and change.  

Combining therapies can help relieve Stress in many ways


Relaxation and mindfulness techniques are now used in the NHS today to help with common mental health problems and physical pain management.  Hypnotherapy also uses relaxation and visualisation techniques. As Reiki already provides the perfect vehicle for deep relaxation, I always combine Hypnotherapy with a Reiki treatment. When we are deeply relaxed our subconscious mind becomes more alert and open to guided visualisation or deep metaphor to facilitate positive changes.  It can help with changing our normal unhelpful responses to stressful situations.


Studies performed over the last decade have shown that EFT relieves stress in its many manifestations that are psychological emotional and physical.  EFT is based on the discovery that imbalances in the body's energy system have profound effects on our personal psychology.  When we can correct these imbalances using  EFT, quick relief and freedom from negative emotions is usually achieved.

I can teach you some coping strategies such as relaxation and breathing techniques and I can help you to work out the lifestyle changes that you may need to make in order to reduce your stress levels and improve your mood.  By learning to value yourself, understanding and taking care of your needs,  achieving a healthy work/life balance you can feel less stressed and more able to cope with the demands of life. 

Therapies that help with Stress





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