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Sometimes, it can feel like no matter how much we talk about our issues, we just can’t let go of our negative and troubling feelings.  When we continue to carry these feelings around, they will still affect how we think, how we feel, and how we react to our current experiences.


This is where the Emotional Freedom Technique, known as EFT can be helpful.

EFT has been described as Acupuncture without the needles.  Like Acupuncture, EFT uses the energetic pathways through the body called meridians.  The energetic disturbances caused by negative experiences and traumas we have suffered in our lives are unblocked by using gentle tapping on the meridian points.  


Perhaps one of the most amazing effects of EFT is the speed with which emotional distress can be resolved creating freedom from emotional problems and issues that might have troubled us for a long time.  EFT takes away the pain of negative emotions but leaves insights and memories.

Why come for EFT with me?


As an experienced counsellor I will be able to help you identify the issue(s) that you wish to work on and the thoughts and feelings that you are holding on to ensure that EFT is the most effective that it can be.


You will feel enabled to tell me about your difficult or traumatic experiences and their resulting feelings which are disrupting your energy system and need to be cleared by EFT.


Once we have worked out, together, the statements that define the issue and encompasses the negative feelings, we can clear them effectively usually by me tapping onto you.   I can also help you to find the most helpful affirmations to promote self-acceptance and will override any part of you that does not want to change or has a hidden agenda to keep you "stuck" where you are.


Sometimes once negative emotions have been cleared we can feel relieved yet a bit weary.  If there is time at the end of the session I like to finish of with some Reiki which helps to recharge your energy system. 

Benefits of EFT

●   Targets specific issues you want to work on

●   Releases deeply held negative feelings

●   Releases old traumas so you can move on

●   Helps to overcome PTSD 

●   Can be easily learnt and used for self help

●   Overhauls you energy system

●   Improves your wellbeing and your life

Common Concerns

   Anxiety & Panic


   Low Mood & Depression

   Relationship Problems

   Separation & Divorce

   Bereavement & Loss

   Miscarriage & Fertility Problems

   Post-Natal Depression

   Confidence & Low Self Esteem

   Bullying & Abuse

How Does EFT work?


EFT uses the energetic pathways through the body called the meridians.  Meridians are like a railway system which channel our vital life force energy to our organs and tissues and relay information to our entire energy system.  The energy within each meridian also registers emotions and sensation. Any negative experiences or traumas that we suffer during our lives generate negative feelings which can get "stuck" in our energetic systems, blocking our energy from flowing freely around our body. These blockages can affect us mentally and emotionally and impact on us physically.


EFT works by tapping gently but firmly with the finger tips on or near the end points of the meridians in a specific sequence to release the energetic disturbances which is blocking your energy.  As we work through the tapping positions you may experience a range of physical indications that there is an energy shift going on such as a need to sigh, yawn, a tummy rumble or a feeling of sleepiness or light headedness. Alternatively you may experience some emotional indications such as a feeling of relief or calmness.


Depending on the depth of the problem and whether new feelings surface about the same issue, we may need to repeat EFT until the feelings resolve.  

If relief doesn't happen immediately after a few rounds of EFT, the changes may still take place over the following few hours or days.  This is because your body may need extra time to incorporate the adjustments that have been made before any benefits become apparent.  


If you would like more information on how EFT could help you please give me a call.

Combining EFT with other therapies

Counselling can be very powerful and an effective way of helping people to feel better but in my experience I have found that it does have its limitations.  Sometimes going over and over old painful memories time and time again can be unhelpful.  New clients will often approach me because although they have tried counselling in the past and may feel "talked out", they still feel as if their issues are affecting them and they are looking for another approach to help them.  However, combining counselling with additional therapies often leads to amazing results.

My counselling skill and experience helps me to understand the root cause of the problems that are causing distress and then I can use additional therapies, including EFT, to help with the healing process.  Reiki is a good choice of treatment to incorporate in the session once EFT has been used to release negative emotions from the energy field.  EFT results in a drop in energy levels once the emotions has been released which can be experienced as tiredness.  I like to use Reiki at the end of the session to fill up depleted energy and recharge the system so that clients feel more refreshed and energised.

Other therapies and treatments I offer



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Interested in EFT & other therapies at A Time For You?


07957 970 784


I am an accredited and registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist with the BACP with over 14 years experience of working with individuals, couples and therapeutic groups in a variety of settings. 

Counselling is always at the heart of what I do, but by incorporating other treatments and techniques I can offer my own unique combination of therapies to effectively help clients to feel better on all levels.


Tina Deas

A Time For You, Counselling & Reiki Swindon

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