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Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Re-imprinting, has been developed from EFT and is a relatively new and powerful technique which allows you to access and transform painful memories that may be holding you trapped in the past.


Matrix Re-imprinting can be especially useful for clients who have perhaps already had talking therapy  to help them to resolve traumatic past events but find that they are still hold emotional intensity and that they continue to affect them in the present. 


Matrix Re-imprinting resolves the energy of these traumatic events and transforms past pictures and replaces them with supportive ones. 


Matrix Re-imprinting  can resolves our negative beliefs which changes our relationship with the event and improves our health, happiness and wellbeing in the present as well as changing the direction of our lives by attracting different experiences 


Why come for Matrix Reimprinting with me?


Many people come to see me with a multitude of issues and problems.  With counselling and the additional treatments and therapies that I offer, I can help them to feel better, cope better and improve their relationships and their lives

If you have had traumatic experiences to cope with during your life and you feel that with support, you are ready to look at them, lay them to rest, and move then Matrix Reimprinting might be the treatment I recommend for you. 

I would offer Matrix Reimprinting if I feel it is the best way for you to:- resolve traumatic events that are still holding emotional intensity for you, if you have already been for counselling yet still find that specific past issues are still troubling and influencing you or if you are still struggling with PTSD after  trauma(s). 

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced form of EFT and does not involve you becoming re-traumatised by talking about an event over and over again like you possibly would be during normal counselling.   Working on an energy level, it quickly improves health and wellbeing by allowing you to access and to transform painful memories. 

Benefits of Matrix Reimprinting

●   Gain relief from old traumas

●   Transform faulty beliefs resulting from old traumas

●   Help with symptoms of PTSD

●   Replace your negative pictures in the Matrix with

      more supportive ones

●   Attract more positive experiences 

●   Improve your wellbeing and your life

Common Concerns

   Anxiety & Panic


   Low Mood & Depression

   Relationship Problems

   Separation & Divorce

   Bereavement & Loss

   Miscarriage & Fertility Problems

   Post-Natal Depression

   Confidence & Low Self Esteem

   Bullying & Abuse

How does Matrix Re-imprinting Work?


According to quantum physics we are all connected by a unified energy field, known as the Matrix - a great net that connects everything in our universe.


Whatever we focus on, sends ripples into the Matrix which reflect our experiences back to us..  Many of us have now learned that the universe responds to consciousness and our thoughts become our reality.  Our beliefs, fears, hope and dreams are all reflected back to us by the Matrix in the world that surrounds us.  The Law of Attraction is vibrational and we attract experiences of a  vibrational frequency that is similar to our own.  Whatever we are putting out, comes back to us in a life experience that matches our own signal. 


Our more challenging life experiences are held as pictures in the Matrix in the form of Energetic Consciousness Holograms, or ECHOs. These ECHO's hold the energy of the trauma as a strategy to protect us. With Matrix Re-imprinting we can work with the ECHO's using EFT and release the energy of these traumatic events.  With Matrix Re-imprinting with can interact with these ECHO's to resolve the trauma and transform the negative beliefs which we have formed from it.  This changes our relationship with the event.  We can change the past pictures in the Matrix and replace them with supportive ones.  These supportive pictures then help us to attract more positive experiences.  This improves our health, happiness and wellbeing in the present as well as changing the direction of our lives.

Combining Counselling with other therapies

Counselling can be very powerful and an effective way of helping people to feel better but any standalone therapy its limitations. Sometimes going over old painful memories time and time again can be unhelpful.  New clients will often approach me because although they have tried counselling in the past and may feel "talked out", they still feel as if their issues are affecting them and they are looking for another approach to help them.  

Combining Counselling during your treatment plan with additional therapies such as Matrix-Reimprinting can often lead to amazing results.

Other therapies and treatments I offer





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Interested in Matrix Reimprinting & other therapies at A Time For You?


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I am an accredited and registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist with the BACP with over 14 years experience of working with individuals, couples and therapeutic groups in a variety of settings. 

Counselling is always at the heart of what I do, but by incorporating other treatments and techniques I can offer my own unique combination of therapies to effectively help clients to feel better on all levels.


Tina Deas

A Time For You, Counselling & Reiki Swindon

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