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Keeping You Safe During the Roadmap to Easing COVID Restrictions.

I am offering Face to Face Sessions for both Individual and Couple Counselling

I am able to offer socially distanced face to face regular sessions for both individuals and couples at the moment. This will be for a select number of counselling and psychotherapy sessions, for both new and returning clients. Reiki sessions will hopefully be resumed at the end of June when the restrictions ease.

How am I keeping you safe?

I continue to be responsible for protecting myself and others from the risk of COVID-19 as we ease out of lockdown and I still need to make sure that anyone entering my premises are at a low risk of being infected with COVID-19 or infecting others as we hopefully get back to normality.

Any new and returning clients will still need to read and read and agree to the my terms and conditions and my COVID-19 Screening Policy before attending a session.

Will I need to wear a face mask?

At the moment we will both need to wear masks until we are seated in my therapy room. I will take your temperature as you enter and ask you to use the hand sanitiser.

As we are socially distanced, we will both be able to remove our masks for the duration of the therapy session.

Cleaning and sanitising

Whilst I cannot eliminate the risk of COVID-19 completely, I have done everything that is reasonably possible to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to my clients, myself and others.

There is hand sanitiser available for you and tissues in a wipeable box.

A glass of lemon water can be provided for you but If you prefer you can bring your own water.

All surfaces in my room are disinfected between each session and the room will have time to be aired between clients.

There is a toilet facility with plenty of hand wash and paper hand towels which can be disposed of in the pedal bin. The toilet and handbasin will be sanitised after each use.

Would you prefer to work Online?

Like most of us I had to adjust to working online during the first lockdown and this has taught me how successfully we can still form very good therapeutic relationships and achieve good outcomes with online therapy.

As I return to face to face therapy once again, I still want to continue offering online therapy sessions to new and existing clients.

Online therapy offers the advantage of being able to work with clients who are out of the Swindon area.

It is easy to set up and effective. It is beneficial if clients are on a tight timetable.

You can experience all of the benefits of regular face to face sessions from the safety and comfort of your own home.

The anxiety of venturing out unnecessarily especially if you are still vulnerable, are self isolating or feel out of sorts is taken away.

How do I Pay for my Session?

Face to face sessions: Please make sure that payment is transferred before the session starts. Alternatively, I can accept card payment at the start of the session (£1 charge). Cash is also accepted.

Online sessions: Please make sure that payment is transferred before the session starts. Alternatively, I can accept card payment on the telephone at the start of the session (£1 charge).

How do I agree to the COVID-19 Policy?

Whether you are a new client or an existing client, you will need to make sure that you have read and agreed to the COVID-19 Screening Policy before you arrive for your session. You can access it from the front page of my website at the bottom under "FOR CLIENTS" heading - click on "TERMS AND CONDITIONS". Once you land on my "Terms and Conditions" page you can read them and the COVID-19 policy underneath. Once you agree you can hit "REGISTER NOW" and fill out the short registration form. Once you submit the form you are agreeing to the policy.

Please remember that you do have a responsibility to inform me if your situation changes in regard to the policy and if we decide we are at risk and shouldn't continue with our face to face session, we will still be able to proceed online or over the phone instead.

If you are interested in face to face or on-line therapy please fill out the enquiry form on the front page of my website or alternatively, you can contact me by phone or text on 07957 970784.

I will keep you updated regarding when I can offer Reiki treatments safely again.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Stay safe! Tina

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