• Tina Deas

Tomatoes - Are you getting the best from them?

Red foods such as tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C.

The red pigment in tomatoes, called lycopene, is a powerful health boosting antioxidant.

Consuming this amazing and versatile fruit is associated with protecting against certain cancers and helping with depression.

The yellow fluid surrounding the seeds in tomatoes appears to protect against heart attacks by suppressing platelet activation. Platelets are what help to trigger the blood clots which can result in heart attacks or strokes. If you are buying tomato products, its is best to choose whole or chopped tomatoes rather than just a sauce.

Did you know that our bodies absorb the lycopene in tomatoes more effectively when they have been heated rather than eating them raw? Although raw tomatoes are still incredibly good for us!

This means that if you roast your tomatoes in a drizzle of oil (preferably extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil for 15 minutes at 200ºC/180ºFan/Gas 6) they will not only taste delicious but will give you a great nutritional boost.

So enjoy your tinned tomatoes in pasta sauces and chilli, chuck some raw tomatoes in a tasty salad or roast them as a delicious addition to your meal!

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